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I read my pamphlet from The George Jones Fan Club, and it expressed I had the advantage to meet and welcome him- – thus I did. At the Silver Legacy, I held up at the entryway where the various fan club individuals were congregating before the show. At the point when the entryway opened, an attendant accompanied we all to a charming woman that presented herself as Nancy Jones, the spouse of George Jones. She was all around amicable to every one of us and was arranging a photograph shoot, so we could independently have our photos taken with him. At the point when George Jones went into the room behind the stage, he welcomed everyone and we as a whole shook his hand and made some casual chitchat. When the ball was in my court to meet and welcome him, I revealed to him I was a major enthusiast of his and that I have a gathering of 30 albums of his music. He replied, “great, much obliged.” He was much the same as Alan Jackson, his dear companion, depicted, “when you meet him, he’s much the same as the person down at the corner service station.” And he was correct – that is actually as I saw him.

In the wake of gathering George Jones, I turned into a greater fan than any time in recent memory. My accumulation of 30 cds ended up 60 compact discs now. Straightforward Sinatra, once stated, “he’s the subsequent best white male artist in this nation.” obviously, he implied second best to Frank Sinatra, himself. Johnny Cash, once was asked who his preferred vocalist is- – his answer would you say you was, “mean other than George Jones?”

In 2004, I got away to Tennessee. I needed to see the greatest down home music celebration on the planet – Fan Fair, in Nashville. Likewise, I needed to take the voyage through Graceland,- – the Elvis chateau – and the Sun Studios visit, both in Memphis. The Sun Studios, is the place Elvis cut his first record. It was likewise where Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Charlie Rich, first recorded their music. I likewise needed to see Beale Street, the introduction of the blues, in downtown Memphis. I had a ton of fun.

The feature of my excursion, was my own welcome to theGeorge Jones Ranch, in Franklin, Tennessee. Every one of the fans in his club were welcomed. We took the voyage through his exhibition hall, down the stairs in his farm home. At that point we strolled everywhere throughout the lovely, rambling grounds of their Jones’ Ranch, where George and Nancy call their home. After the visit, salt lake city escorts he gave a private show with The Jones Boys, close to his animal dwellingplace on a show off. They served sausage and cheeseburgers. It was such a unique, private occasion. I got charred from the hot sun.

The following day, a portion of his fans and I, tailed him down to his next show date in Tunica, Mississippi, at Sam’s Town Casino. As we were leaving his farm, we saw the scaffold that he hit in his SUV, in 1999, that almost guaranteed his life, close to his farm simply outside the Franklin city limits. From that day on- – since the mishap – he hasn’t taken a beverage of liquor since. It was the introduction of the “new” George Jones.

At Sam’s Town Casino,before his show, the majority of his fans, including myself, had our image taken with him before his visit transport – before the show. Once more, Nancy, was the host and picture taker. He additionally marked my duplicate of his personal history book, I Lived To Tell It All, and a collection I brought with.

My lovely and energizing background of being an individual from the George Jones Official Fan Club, drove me to join the Charley Pride Official Fan Club and the Merle Haggard Official Fan Club.

In 2005, I met Charley Pride, and had my image taken with him at one of his shows at the Emerald Queen Casino, in Tacoma, Washington. Around a half year later, I got away through the conditions of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota. I had purchased another jeep and I needed to put some mileage on it. My goal was Minot, North Dakota. I needed to go to the “biggest Scandanavian celebration on the planet.” This was the acclaimed Norsk Hostfest. It is a gigantic, yearly occasion.

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